Our Process
We match your brand and voice.
We dive in to unearth and understand your audience and personas.
We work with you to provide content that aligns your business goals with audience objectives.
We devise strategies for social media management, account growth, and content promotion in order to deepen your relationship with your customers and hit our goals and KPIs.
We put everything into a testing framework and begin testing strategies. Doubling down on what works and quitting what doesn't.
We report on our actions on a monthly basis. With weekly email updates. Showcasing tracked, correlated, and attributed KPIs
What to expect from us
We cannot do this alone, that was never what social media was meant to be.
Failures and strategy adjustments
We will run tests that fail. This is good because it teaches us what not to do. Our starting strategy never looks like our 6 month strategy.
Honest reporting
We show you the results and tell you whether or not we were worth the efforts. If not, which is common as social media is a long-term investment, we give you recommendations as to when or how we will become an asset.
Your fist month
1. Plumbing
We need tracking and pixels in place before we begin. Is your website setup for success?
Define personas, influencers, hashtags, content types, engagement strategies, growth strategies, campaigns, etc.
Roll out
We create custom reporting solutions for your business and begin rolling out strategies, usually one channel at a time
Weekly phone calls
So that we can work closely together on fine-tuning the voice and messaging for your brand.
Month end report
So that we can work closely together on fine-tuning the voice and messaging for your brand.
Is this what you're looking for?
Wanna talk digital marketing? Drop us a line. We'd be happy to give you a complete digital marketing audit for free, or help in any way we can.
Let's get started
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